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Surgery in Singapore Relieves Pain for Vietnamese Boy

March 29, 2011 - Singapore

At Raffles Hospital, a 12-year old boy from Vietnam, suffering from spine Tuberculosis, was one of the young patients in Southeast Asia to undergo spinal reconstruction and stabilisation. This spinal surgery not only provided the patient with permanent relief from pain, but allowed the patient to regain mobility in a wheel chair within a short downtime of just five days.

For 12-year old Nguyen Dinh Duc, the surgery brought his life back after months of intense pain. It started in May 2010, when his hunched back began to worsen. He soon experienced severe pain in his back and weakness in his legs. He was diagnosed with bone Tuberculosis, and injections were administered to counter the condition.

However, it did not relieve him of hisdiscomfort, and he began to suffer increasingly intense pain in his back. He also lost all senses on the lower part of his body. When asked to describe the intensity of the Dinh Duc's pain, his mother Mrs Ngoc said that the boy would frequently breakout in sweat and she would often cry whenever she saw him in that state.

His parents chanced upon a television interview with the Orthopaedic Surgeon of Singapore's Raffles Hospital on spine surgery, which raised some hope that something could be done for their son.

Mr and Mrs Nguyen contacted Raffles Hospital's Patient Liaison Office in Hanoi, and arrangements were made for Dinh Duc to be referred to Raffles Hospital for treatment.

"Dinh Duc had complete motor and sensory Paralysis, and he did not have bladder and bowel control. He would have severe back pain when he moved and this made nursing difficult. He was also beginning to develop pressure sores on his ankle and sacrum," recalled Dr Krishnamoorthy of Dinh Duc when he was first admitted to Raffles Hospital.

The investigations that were conducted revealed that Dinh Duc had Tuberculosis of the spine at two levels, and the T10 vertebra had almost disappeared resulting in a discontinuity of the spinal column betweenthe T9 and T11 vertebrae.

Dr Krishnamoorthy shared, "Soon after the surgery, Dinh Duc could be turned on his sides without pain. From the fifth day after the surgery, he could sit up on a wheelchair and his parents could wheel him about in a wheelchair. However, he will require close monitoring and follow-up by his doctors in Vietnam on anti-Tuberculosis medication and the healing of the operated spine."

Mr and Mrs Nguyen were comforted to see their son smiling again and back to his cheerful self. Just before he was discharged from the hospital, Dinh Duc was seen breezing along the ward corridor on his new wheelchair enjoying the independence and freedom he has for moving around on his own.

When saying goodbye to the ward staff, Dinh Duc, speaking in English and in a shy voice said, "Thank you very much doctors and nurses for being so good to me."

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