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ShineOn Announces Highly Cost-Competitive, High Performance LED Lighting Products

June 9, 2011 - Guangzhou, China

ShineOn today announced a series of high performance LED products for general lighting applications at the 16th annual Guangzhou International Lighting Conference.

The products included a MOZ3535 1-3W, an SOWW3014 product and a series of CoB products with integrated chip arrays.

The MOZ3535 1-3W product is based on ShineOn's proprietary ceramic packaging platform. It has a small physical size and low thermal resistance, with superior optical properties. The device delivers more than 200 lumens of light at a cost of only fifty cents and is suitable for indoor and outdoor illumination, flash lights and many other applications.

The SOW3014 product features an SMD package with built-in heat sink. It delivers more than 11 lumens of light, or 50 percent more than traditional 3020 or 3528 products, and provides the best performance-cost ratio for T5/T8 tube light and panel light.

The series of CoB products with integrated chip arrays offer the ability to produce 7 watt and 10 watt incandescent light bulbs. ShineOn's 10 watt incandescent replacement bulb solution delivers world class performance by providing 980 lumen light output with CRI > 93 at a color temperature of 2,700 degree Kevin.

About ShineOn

ShineOn Corporation ( focuses on the research, development, and production of high-brightness and ultra-high-brightness LED devices. ShineOn is dedicated to providing energy-saving, environmentally friendly solid-state lighting solutions for consumer electronics, general lighting, and automobiles.

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