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SPDB HK Branch Opens, Marking a Substantial Step towards the Bank's Go-global Strategy

June 8, 2011 - Hong Kong

June 8, 2011 witnessed the official opening of the Hong Kong Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank ("SPDB" or the "Bank"). This is the Bank's first overseas branch, and marks a substantial stride toward SPDB's go-global strategy. Attending the opening ceremony were Ms. Leung Fung Yee, Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury from the Hong Kong SAR Government, Mr. Tu Guangshao, the deputy mayor of Shanghai, and officials from financial regulators as well as personages from allcircles both in the Mainland and Hong Kong.

In the past few years, through prudent operations and aggressive efforts, SPDB has continuously grown the size of its assets, and enhanced its operating strength and core competitiveness, with the aimof going global. With Shanghai doubling its efforts to develop the city into an international financial hub, and increasing communication and interaction in finance, economy and trade between Shanghai and Hong Kong, SPDB has committed itself to the cause by taking concrete actions and actively preparing for upgrading its Hong Kong Representative Office to a local branch. On May 16, 2011, the Bank obtained an approval of its business license for its Hong Kong Branch, the first Hong Kong operatingbranch established by a Shanghai-based commercial bank.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Tu Guangshao, the deputy mayor of Shanghai, expressed his confidence that the opening of SPDB Hong Kong Branch would kick off and head a new round of further cooperation between the financial industries in Shanghai and Hong Kong. He hoped that Shanghai's financial institutions could drive the building of the city into a global financial hub by proactively learning from the experience and practices of theirHong Kong counterparts, and that financial cooperation between the two cities could continue to develop further. Though Shanghai and Hong Kong set different orientations for themselves as financial centers, with mutually complementary functions and service targets, the two have one common goal, namely, serving the overall national strategy and boosting China's competitiveness and influence in the global financial arena.

Fu Jianhua, the President of SPDB, said that it was their unswerving strategic goal to build a modern financial service provider with core competitiveness. He added that in the coming five years, the Bank would strive to develop into a flagship enterprise of a financial conglomerate, standing among the large global enterprises and bolstering Shanghai's reputation as an international financial center. To this end, they will spare no effort to improve the international and comprehensive operation strengths. The SPDB Hong Kong Branch will be diligent in learning and developing extensive expertise to capture market share with "new ideas and sincere service", thus providing outstanding financial services for Hong Kong companies, institutions and residents.

SPDB was established in Shanghai in 1993. Since its establishment, the Bank has followed the operation philosophy of "Sticking to Integrity and Striving for Excellence", has striven for customer-oriented innovation, and maintained sound operations, with core competitiveness growing steadily. By the end of2010, the Bank's total assets exceeded RMB2.19 trillion. Its loan balance in domestic and foreign currencies amounted to RMB1.15 trillion, the balances of various deposits stood at RMB1.64 trillion and after-tax profit amounted to RMB19.18 billion. Currently, the Bank has set up 36 branches and 655 outlets and employs 28,000 people in over 100 major cities of 28 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions across the country. The operations and services layoutof a national commercial bank has taken shape. Since February 2010 when the Bank was listed for the first time among the top 100 of Top 500 Global Bank Brands issued by British magazine Banker, it has maintained its position with its comprehensive brand value at US$1.836 billion, ranking the 92nd among global banks and the 18th among Asian banks, displaying an excellent and steady brand value.

About SPD Bank

A nationwide joint-stock commercial bank founded on August 28, 1992, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (known as SPD Bank for short) went listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1999 (stock code: 600000). At present, SPD Bank's registered capital stands at RMB 14.349 billion yuan. SPD Bank has earned respect and good fame in the domestic stock market on account of its outstanding performance and trustworthiness.

Holding on to the motto of "sticking to integrity and striving for excellence", the bank has continuously developed its various businesses and enhanced its overall competence. By December 31, 2010, its total assets stood at RMB2.191411 trillion yuan, outstanding balance of loans being RMB1.146489 trillion yuan and outstanding balance of deposits being RMB1.638680 trillion yuan, making an after-tax profit of RMB 19.177 billion yuan. A national network was in place with 34 branches and direct sub-branches and 655 outlets plus a representative office in Hong Kong and a total of 28081 employees.

Since its public listing at the stock market, SPD Bank has been rated among Top 100 Listed Companies in China by Asia Weekly for a number of times. In May 2010, SPD Bank was ranked the 255th among top 500 listed companies in terms of market capitalization by Financial Times. The SPD Bank brand, whose brand value increased the fastest among the various Chinese banking brands, was ranked the 76th among Top 500 World Financial Brands and the 7th among national banks by the British Banker magazine. And in June 2010, SPD Bank was ranked No.108 in terms of Tier 1 capital and No.81 in terms of total assets by the British Banker magazine among the top 1000 World Banks. In March 2010, the bank was cited by Asian Banker magazine as one of the best listed banks 2005-2009 and the strongest bank in China in April. In June 2010, the bank was ranked the 15th among the Top 50 Brands and the 6th of among Chinese banking brands by Forbes China.

A dedicated financial service provider, SPD Bank is also a committed and active corporate citizen. In June 2008, the bank was shortlisted by Reputex among the Ten Most Sustainable Chinese Enterprises as the only nominee from the financial sector. In October 2008, the bank was awarded by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai A Special Recognition for Exceptional and Longstanding CSR Achievements from 2006-2008 after winning two consecutive awards in 2006 and 2007 for Best CSR Practice. In November 2009, the bank won the award for best CSR report for the financial industry and won the title as Best Corporate Citizen in China. In June 2010, the SPD bank was ranked as one of the Top 10 Listed Companies in China with Best CSR Practice by the Da Zong Securities Times. The bank was also rated the 2nd place among all listed A-share banks for its CSR report in July for 2 consecutive years and selected as one of the component of the CSR index for Hong Kong HANG SENG INDEX. In August 2010, SPD Bank's CSR Report was awarded as a Model Report by the UN Global Compact Initiatives in China. The bank was also awarded as Top 10 Most Responsible Boards of Directors of Chinese Listed Companies 2010, Best Practice Award for CSR etc.

SPD Bank is committed to continuous innovation and improvement in financial service. Setting out on a new journey, the bank will hold on to the faith of "new thinking and hearty Service" and maneuver through the rising and falling financial tides, growing itself into a modernized financial service provider with distinct core competence. For more infomation, please visit

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