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"Quit Smoking" Is Top New Year's Resolution, Addiction Website Details Electronic Cigarettes

December 29, 2011 - Deerfield Beach, FL

Every year around this time, people make their new year's resolution. This year, a growing trend has been "making The Switch to electronic cigarettes." The electronic cigarette, or "e-cigarette" was not only a popular Holiday gift this season, but also a "must have" for everyone making resolutions to avoid tobacco products. is a website that talks about addictions. It provides an open forum for readers to comment on their lives and share insight with others trying to overcome harmful addictions. Topics include drug and alcohol addictions along with gambling and other addictions. The topic of the year, according to Carlos, a contributor to the website, has been electronic cigarettes.

Recently gaining popularity in the USA and elsewhere, the electronic cigarette brands are rapidly providing former tobacco smokers with a product that emits a water vapor solution and can be used almost anywhere. Places that have outlawed cigarette smoking have welcomed the odorless electronic versions of cigarettes with open arms.

An exclusive South Florida steakhouse General Manager added, "Electronic Cigarettes simply cut down on problems. Everything from waste, to accidental burns, to lingering second hand, are all solved with these new devices."

As many people make their New Years Resolution to quit smoking, you can expect the popularity of electronic cigarettes to continue to grow. While not legally sold as quit smoking devices, the general consensus by ex-tobacco smokers is that electronic cigarette smoking satisfies the need by delivering the same act of smoking. Users can choose to select a level of nicotine from 0 (without nicotine) to 24 mg (similar to an unfiltered cigarette) and gain the same sensation while emitting clouds of vapor into thin air.

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