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Quality Production Limited (QPL) Leads EMS Industry in Compliance With AS9100 Rev C Standard

June 8, 2011 - Hillsboro, OR

Quality Production Limited (QPL), a leading electronics manufacturing services company specializing in turnkey manufacturing of high mix, complex products for military, avionics, industrial, medical, and energy management markets, today announced that it has met the stringent requirements of AS9100 Rev C aerospace and defense quality standards.

The AS9100 Rev C certification is a result of efforts by the International Aerospace Quality Group to certify significant performance improvements in quality, delivery, and cost by eliminating defects, standardizing requirements, introducing a culture of quality, and by establishing and maintaining dynamic cooperation between companies. Fewer than 150 companies in the US have met the new AS9100 Rev C standards, and QPL is one of the first electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies to announce full compliance.

A key element in the new "C" Revision of AS9100 requires an organization to implement a risk management process. This clause will require organizations to identify and classify risk, determine levels of acceptable risk for the organization, and have effective risk mitigation plans for unacceptable risk. This requirement puts a focus on product risk during product realization. This is vital as new technologies in aircraft, space vehicles, defense systems, and materials are introduced. Organizations will need to ensure a risk management process is in place and that the risks are appropriately applied in the process and that they are successfully managed.

"The 9100 Rev C certification is an important recognition of our industry leadership and focus on quality," said Douglas King, Quality Manager at QPL. "Being one of the first EMS companies in the US to meet the new Rev C requirements is a reflection of the strong relationships with our customers, and our responsiveness to their demands for stringent quality assurance. QPL's process-based quality system continually monitors product conformity, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction. With this new certification, we will be better positioned to work with companies in the airline, avionics, and aerospace industries that require a higher performance level from their suppliers." Mr. King added that "QPL will continue to take a proactive role in adopting new quality standards."

About AS9100 Rev C
AS9100 Rev C is based on the ISO 9001:2000 quality system requirements. These requirements are supplemented by additional quality system requirements established by the aerospace industry to satisfy DOD, NASA, and FAA quality requirements. The development of the supplemental requirements was the result of an international effort by aerospace companies with a common goal of establishing a single quality management system for use within the aerospace industry. AS9100 Rev C is a product of this international effort. The AS9100 Rev C standard was developed by Working Group 11 of ISO TC20 with the support of the International Aerospace Quality Group.

About QPL
Founded in 1995, QPL specializes in turnkey manufacturing of high mix, high complexity products for military, avionics, industrial, medical, and energy management markets. Headquartered in Hillsboro Oregon, QPL provides complete lifecycle product management from prototype development to design-for-manufacturing, design-for-test, production, and aftermarket support. QPL employees are empowered to deliver superior supply chain management, exceptional workmanship quality, efficient test strategies, and final assembly/packaging solutions that ensure the successful manufacturing and on-time delivery of customer products. To learn more about QPL electronics manufacturing services, visit

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