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Princeton Security Technologies (OTCBB: PSGY) Is Awarded a Substantial Contract With Major South American Synchrotron Research Facility for Largest Multi-Element Array (MEA) X-Ray Detector System

June 9, 2011 - Princeton, NJ

Princeton Security Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: PSGY), a leading developer of X-ray and Gamma-ray Detectors and Spectroscopy systems, serving a broad customer base in scientific research, industrial materials analysis, secured a sizeable international contract with a major South American synchrotron research facility for a Multi-Element Array (MEA) detector system consisting of 12-elements of 80mm2 Lithium-Drifted Silicon x-ray sensors. These Si(Li) detectors are comprised with the largest individual size crystals commercially produced.

PSGY is the only industrial supplier of X-ray detector systems in the market that offers standard x-ray analyzers products of this type configured from either liquid-nitrogen cooled Silicon, Germanium and cryogen-free Peltier-cooled Silicon-Drift Detector (SDD) technologies. With advanced elemental characterization becoming critical analysis tools for pharmaceutical and material research, there is a high demand for sophisticated x-ray spectroscopic detectors. "This Multi Element Array system will set a new performance platform with synchrotron research and we are very pleased that PSGY has been selected for this important project," states Vice President of Sales, Dr. Leong Ying.

Princeton Security Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: PSGY), the foremost supplier of X-ray Detectors through its wholly-owned subsidiary Princeton Gamma-Tech Instruments, Inc. (PGT), announced that the sales revenue from the large value contract will start during the 4th quarter of 2011.

About Princeton Security Technologies Inc.:
Princeton Security Technologies, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Princeton Gamma-Tech Instruments, Inc. (PGT), is a supplier of X-ray and Gamma-ray Detectors, Spectroscopy systems, Radiation Detection Area Monitors and Radioactive Radioisotope Identifier products. The Company serves a broad customer base in scientific research, industrial materials analysis, and Homeland Security. PGT has its headquarters with highly skilled R&D and manufacturing staff in its Princeton facility.

Further information regarding Princeton Security Technologies can be found at and investor contact:; Trupti Mehta (609) 924 7310.

Investor contact:
Trupti Mehta
(609) 924 7310
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