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One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush Spearheads Mozilla Firefox Charity Contest for FCancer


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Mozilla Firefox has launched a holiday fundraising contest that puts several celebrity-backed charities in competition for a grand prize of $25,000. One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush is pioneering this effort for FCancer, a Vancouver-based charity dedicated to early detection education.

To drive this campaign forward, Sophia Bush is personally extending her celebrity brand power to engage with the online community and inspire them to support FCancer's cause. Her objective is twofold; she is aiming to raise funds as well as spread the word to as many potential supporters as possible.

"We're so excited to have Sophia representing us for the Mozilla Firefox Challenge," says FCancer CEO, founder and president Yael Cohen. "With her help, we hope to raise the funds we need to execute the many innovative campaigns we have planned for 2012."

Going the extra mile, Sophia is offering the media an opportunity for an online Q&A of up to ten questions regarding her involvement with the Challenge. For those who donate more than $2,500, Sophia will make a personal phone call thanking them for their generous donation. Additionally, supporters who make any type of donation will have the chance to win the following draw prizes:

-- An outgoing voicemail recording for donations over $100
-- An autographed FCancer t-shirt for donations over $29
-- A birthday tweet for donations over $40

Sophia has been actively involved with FCancer over the past year and is passionate about sharing FCancer's message that 90% of all cancers are curable if caught in stage one. She participated in "The Cancer Talk", a video-sharing campaign that uses humour and personal celebrity appeals to inspire communication between Generation Y and their parents on the importance of early-detection. Being that her mother is a cancer survivor who attributes her success to early-detection, Sophia is a powerful and compassionate representative of FCancer's vision. By providing awareness and education, this charity and has flipped The Switch on traditional cancer campaigns by teaching people how to look for cancer instead of just finding it. We should use our own tag lines wherever possible, empowering people to search for cancer, rather than find it when it is too late.

To donate or find out more information about the Mozilla Firefox contest, visit Sophia's FCancer campaign website: Donations will be accepted until January 11th.

Or you may visit FCancer's site for more details:

About FCancer

FCancer is the first generation Y-initiated movement that aims to educate people on crucial early warning signs of cancer and inspire them to spread the word to loved ones through word of mouth and social media. Its mission is to equip every member of this influential group with one critical piece of information: 90% of all cancers are curable if detected in stage one. We're creating a generation of early detection ambassadors who, by learning about what to do to stay healthy, what to watch out for, and what questions to ask, are taking control of their health and the health of their parents.

FCancer Fact Sheet

 -- FCancer is a Vancouver-based registered charity, nonprofit and foundation-- Mission: Activate Gen Y to engage with their parents about early detection-- Objective: Put an end to late stage cancer diagnosis by educating people about early detection-- What differs FCancer from other cancer-related charities is that its focused is on education of early detection - FCancer is not searching for a cure, rather, it is working towards early detection and preventative solutions through education-- The charity was founded in October 2009 by 23-year-old Yael Cohen, president, founder and CEO of FCancer, after she learned of her mother being diagnosed-- FCancer was the result of a t-shirt founder Yael Cohen had made for her mother who was diagnosed with Breast cancer. The slogan on the t-shirt "FCancer" generated an overwhelming response to anyone who saw it, which opened Yael's eyes to an opportunity to share this message and affect change-- Since FCancer was founded, the charity has raised roughly $1 million for early detection education-- FCancer is the first and only Canadian cancer charity focused primarily on early detection education-- FCancer CEO Yael Cohen was the only Canadian speaker at the White House Next Generation Leadership conference-- Nominated by Mashable as a "must follow" non-prof organization for their message and their digital strategy campaigns-- Current Campaigns: -- Let's Fund 2012 Now (December 2011) - Mission: Fund FCancer's operational costs for 12 months in 30 days, enabling us to dedicate 100 per cent of our time and energy into educating people about early detection. -- The Cancer Talk (ongoing) - Mission: Motivate Gen Y to make a difference in fighting cancer by talking to their parents about early detection. 

To view a photo of Yael Cohen and her mother Diane Cohen, please visit the following link:

To view details on the Firefox Mozilla Charity Contest, please visit the following link:

To view a FCancer censored logo, please visit the following link:

 -- Website: Twitter: Facebook: Flickr: 

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Media Relations Manager


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