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Oasys Introduces MassMotion, the Next Generation of Crowd Simulation Software

June 8, 2011 - London

Oasys Limited, makers of high quality software products, today announced the release of MassMotion, the most advanced pedestrian and crowd analysis tool available. MassMotion was developed by world-renowned design, planning and engineering firm, Arup, and has been used on projects worth billions of dollars including Toronto Union Station, San Francisco Transbay Terminal and Montreal Trudeau Airport.

The stunning 3D game quality graphics make MassMotion an unparalleled visual communication tool easily understood by even the non-technical decision makers involved in large scale planning. MassMotion precisely predicts pedestrian movement of crowds of hundreds of thousands of people with individual personalities and unique agendas based on extensive human behavior research.

Because MassMotion is completely aligned to architects processes it is able to be a far stronger front end tool in the concept stages than anything available on the market. With its advanced multithreaded architecture, MassMotion enables the simulation and analysis of design challenges that are beyond the scale and scope of any previous crowd analysis tool.

"We built MassMotion to be compatible with today's dynamic design environment where 3D BIM models are common place," said Erin Morrow, Product Director for Oasys. "We also created it to serve as a valuable and trustworthy consultant to the world's largest engineering projects and major events where pedestrian safety is one of the most critical elements."

MassMotion is the only fully 3D tool capable of handling Multi-Floor/Multi-Mode Station, Station & Precinct and Station & Special Event transit scenarios. MassMotion has also proven to produce the most accurate simulations of what people do in an evacuation, which contributes invaluable information throughout every stage of planning and construction.

"MassMotion allows for rigorous testing before high dollar commitments are made, and definitely saves time, money and manpower from the onset of project planning," said Morrow. "In many cases, engineers cut time in half on simulation and analysis of complex pedestrian facilities. And the automatic route tracing and dynamic route choice algorithms can result in up to 75% time savings versus other tools when implementing the multiple layout or operational changes to a model required for this scope and size."

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Established in 1976, Oasys Limited has a long-standing reputation for providing high quality software and support. As the software house of Arup, a global organization of consulting engineers, planners and project managers working in all areas of the built environment (e.g., infrastructure, transportation, water, vehicle engineering etc), Oasys is subject to the exacting demands of Arup engineers who require efficient, reliable and technically competent tools. Please visit Oasys Limited at

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