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OTO Wins Best of the Best Award Again

November 10, 2011 - Hong Kong

OTO, which ranked 1st in the Hong Kong relaxation equipment market in terms of units sold and in the Hong Kong partial body massage equipment market in terms of revenue in 2010, has won the Best Brand Award in Massage Equipment again in The 9th CAPITAL Best of the Best 2011 Award, in praise of OTO's impressive performance and accomplishments over the past year with its quality products.

Grasping Hong Kong's unique characteristic with limitations on residential space and working environment, OTO designs health and wellness products caring for the entire body from head to toe, transforming luxury bodycare and relaxation products into necessity products for everyone. For example, "OTO Power Tap", "OTO e-Lux" and "OTO e-Physio" are productsdesigned to effectively satisfy customers' needs.

Among these, the "OTO Master Sense" massage chair is the perfect example of a quality OTO product with advanced functionality, excellent performance and compact size at an affordable price offeredto customers, instilling the concept of relaxation and comfort into the daily life of everyone in Hong Kong. Additionally, with OTO's remarkable sales and marketing strategies, coupled with a professional after-sale service team, OTO is well-positioned to take up additional market share in the Hong Kong relaxation equipment market.

Mr. Charlie Yip, Managing Director of OTO, noted, "We have to thank the people in Hong Kong for their support for OTO's products over the years. After nearly threedecades of effort, OTO has successfully expanded its footprint from Singapore to Hong Kong, China, Macau, and other parts of the world. With rapid economic development, people's lifestyle has become more hectic and urban dwellers face increasing stress and pressure from work and daily lives. The concept of 'slow living' has been gaining popularity in bustling metropolises, and OTO is injecting this pursuit of quality life into its products.

"Our products emphasize relaxation and wellness for the entire body, dividing the body as 12 different zones, to meet the specific needs of each zone from head to toe and effectively provide high quality relaxation and alleviate stress for the body. In the future, OTO will launch more new health andwellness products with an aim to expanding its presence in the Greater China market, and take care of more people who have bodycare and relaxation needs due to stress from work and daily lives."

Being aware of the massive demand for health and wellness products in the PRC, OTO plans to open at least 80 retail outlets across China in three years. OTO plans to increase the number of its retail outlets to 40 in next year, targeting northern and eastern China, regions with higher average household incomes and more emphasis on living quality. To fit well with the Company's brand image and pricing strategy, OTO will collaborate with foreign-based department stores in China to promote its products, and effectively penetrate the PRC market andaccelerate its expansion plan.

About OTO

OTO is a leading developer and retailer of health and wellness products in Hong Kong, which ranked 1st in the Hong Kong relaxation equipment market in terms of units sold and in the Hong Kong partial body massage equipment market in terms of revenue in 2010. Its product portfolio mainly divides into four categories, namely relaxation, fitness, therapeutic and diagnostic products. Through its diversified sales channels that include retail stores, department store consignment counters, roadshow counters, corporate sales and international sales, OTO has successfully promoted and sold its products to markets in China, Hong Kong, Macau, United Kingdom, France, Saudi Arabia, India, Mauritius, Russia, Thailand, Japan, Hungary, and so forth. Please visit

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