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NHS Health Solutions, Inc. Provides Operational Update

June 9, 2011 - Jacksonville, FL

NHS Health Solutions, Incorporated (PINKSHEETS: NHSH) is continuing with the process of undergoing a change of its operating name to Centacom Corporation ('Centacom'). The name change to Centacom will enhance the representation and position within the market for growth in the future.

In a recent meeting, the Board of Directors has discussed changes that could be made to the corporate share structure moving forward. Initially, one hundred fifty-one million (151,000,000) common shares are going to be sent to the transfer agent for retirement. Centacom believes that the retirement of these shares benefits the Company and all shareholders by noticeably reducing the number of outstanding shares. This is the first in a series of corporate changes to be implemented where the corporate share structure is lowered and consolidated in order to increase the potential value for the shareholders.

Centacom's affiliate program continues to see growth on a daily basis, with the primary surge of expansion being seen within the education division. Prior to 2011, the standard online meeting classroom was limited to one-on-one or to very small groups of individuals meeting in private sessions without the tools necessary to facilitate an effective meeting for corporations or educational institutions. At the end of 2010, Centacom introduced its virtual interactive meeting and classroom software, "e-Learning Connects." With the e-Learning Connects software, industry and educational professionals are able to efficiently deliver meeting agendas and course curriculums in cyber meetings with up to one thousand participants and students.

This e-Learning Connects software offers a system with the tools required by facilitators and educators to deliver curriculum that meets regulatory compliance as a low cost alternative for both small and large educational institutions and businesses. Dr. England stated, "The future in student education is the delivery of curriculum online from cyber-space. From correspondence courses -- taking courses through the mail, to self-paced internet courses and instructor-led internet courses using threaded discussions to the Virtual Interactive Mega Classrooms offered by 'e-Learning Connects.' The e-Learning Connects virtual interactive classroom allows the passive/dependent and the aggressive/independent student to sit in the same class to complete their education -- and -- from anywhere in the world where there is internet capability. The e-Learning Connects V-Classroom is used for corporate board meetings, advisory committee meetings, corporate training, professional development, continuing education, faculty meetings, guest speakers, etc. all at affordable technology fees while reducing the need for additional physical classroom space."

One of the most significant benefits for educational institutions, as the educational environment progresses towards online and virtual classrooms, is the expansion of their marketing area. In most cases it is unlimited. Not only can an educational institution appeal to a broader range of students, but the incorporation of distance learning into the educational process greatly expands the area in which schools can recruit specialized and qualified Faculty. To learn more or to schedule a personal online virtual demonstration, e-mail Dr. England at

Members of the bandwidth and colocation services management team have recently returned from Miami, Florida, and were ensuring that all aspects of Centacom's operations are securely in place in order to begin generating revenue this month.

Additionally, Mineseeker has agreed to enter into talks with Centacom in order to determine the potential of a long term relationship. On a recent facility visit to Jacksonville, Florida, the Mineseeker management team, composed of Chairman Mike Kendrick, Chief Executive Officer Edward Cross, and Commercial Director Mark Dorey, met with key executives of Centacom and were given an online presentation of e-Learning Connects software by Centacom Director, Dr. John England. Mike Kendrick stated that, "There seems to be a great deal of synergy between the two entities and we were particularly impressed with the virtual learning products which we believe could be of great interest to both sides of our business." The parties have met on previous occasions in order to discuss collaborations between Centacom and the not-for-profit Mineseeker Foundation.

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