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Musicians, Comedians and Other Celebrities Join Formspring to Discover and Interact With Fans

June 9, 2011 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA

Formspring, the social network that lets millions of people find out more about one another through sharing interesting and personal responses, today announced that it has released a set of new features designed to give celebrities, performers and their fans a new, easy way to connect with one another online. Formspring also announced its first site-wide promotion that drives Formspring's 25 million members to a short-list of select comedians, musicians and YouTube stars looking to spark authentic conversations and share their stories with followers on Formspring.

Existing and new Formspring members will find more than 50 celebrity accounts promoted on their Formspring home-stream, which is viewed by more than 3 million people every day. Musicians including We The Kings, The Counting Crows' Adam Duritz and Taking Back Sunday's Adam Lazzara, entertainers including Margaret Cho and Wilmer Valderrama, and top YouTube channel stars including Fred and Michelle Phan are a few of the many notable Formspring accounts to be promoted to the site's 3.5 million daily unique visitors.

When a Formspring member sees an account that interests them, they can follow the account, ask the performer a question and even respond to the questions the notable personality asks, which is one of the most unique ways celebrities can use Formspring to connect with fans.

"Since we launched 18 months ago, celebrities have naturally gravitated to Formspring due to our rapidly growing global user base and the natural, unique interaction our service provides between friends as well as between fans and celebrities," explained Ade Olonoh, CEO and Founder, Formspring. "We've been working hard to create the right features that make the Formspring experience an even more powerful viral distribution network for celebrities who want to connect with fans in a way that drives awareness of their current projects and promotions."

Through focusing on conversations between friends and fans, as well as asking and responding to questions, Formspring offers a different experience from other popular social networks, less focused on what's happening and more focused on who the person is. These differences result in a highly active member base around the world, which shares more than 10 million personal responses on Formspring daily. With the ability to easily share Formspring questions and responses into other popular sites including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, celebrities using Formspring can easily add a more personal layer to their social networking presence that brings them closer to their fans.

The new features Formspring launched for celebrities include:

  • Formspring inboxes now offer a sort feature, bringing the most relevant and interesting questions asked to the top of the inbox. This makes it easier for celebrities to manage their profile and respond to questions that match their promotion goals.
  • Formspring now shows users their follower account privately, giving management and celebrities clear feedback on how many people are reading their responses.
  • Formspring now verifies celebrity accounts, signifying to fans that the account is truly owned by the celebrity they care about.
  • Formspring also launched a valuable new feature which allows any member to see all the responses to a single question. This feature is particularly useful for celebrities asking fans questions about everything from a new album release to an upcoming tour.

"As we manage dozens of musicians' digital brands, it is critical that our team is aware of the latest trends in social networking and online communities, where an artist can discover new fan bases and potential revenue streams," said Steve Greenberg, CEO and Founder, S-Curve Records. "Bringing a group of our musicians into the global community Formspring has built gives fans a new way to get to know each of them and interact with them about their tours, new albums and personalities. We're excited to see what the interactions do to engage fans in a totally fresh way."

All Formspring accounts promoted in the first site-wide promotion can be viewed on Formspring here (visitors must have an account to log in). The promotion will be live on the site for the month of June and management companies interested in discussing verification of their celebrity accounts can contact Formspring here.

About Formspring
Based in San Francisco, CA, Formspring was founded in November of 2009 by Ade Olonoh. Formspring is a global service that encourages millions of people around the world to respond to one another in an authentic and meaningful way. It starts by directly asking people original questions and anticipating their entertaining or revealing responses. On Formspring, people can have fun, share insights and stories, and relate to the people they know or find interesting. As one of the fastest growing Internet sites in 2010, Formspring has more than 25M registered members who give more than 10M responses daily.


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