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Moen: Choosing Eco-Friendly Faucets for the Kitchen and Bathroom

August 12, 2011 - Oakville, Ontario

Choosing an eco-friendly faucet is a great way to exercise water conservation. Not only will eco-friendly products conserve water, but they also help you save money. Eco-friendly faucets are easy to install because they require no additional steps or adjustments. There is no need to sacrifice aesthetics for sustainability: eco-friendly faucets are available in traditional, modern and transitional designs.

What to keep in mind when choosing eco-friendly faucets and showers

Water conservation and performance are two of the primary features to consider when looking for an eco-friendly product. Ideal eco-friendly faucets and showers look and operate the same as their non eco-friendly counterparts but make use of flow-optimization technology to conserve water. An aerator is a common faucet accessory that mixes air with the water stream to reduce water flow rate while maintaining adequate water pressure.

An easy way to identify eco-friendly faucets and showers is to look for products bearing the WaterSense® label on their packaging. Faucets and showers with a WaterSense label have been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for demonstrating measurable water savings results, with at least 20% more water-efficiency than non eco-friendly products.

Eco-friendly showers must perform a particularly fine balancing act between sustainability and performance. Showerheads must use no more than 2.0 gallons per minute (gpm)/17.6 litres per minute (lpm) to be deemed sustainable but must, at the same time, achieve satisfactory performance expectations as outlined by the EPA. Performance includes adequate force and coverage emitted from the showering device.

Other features to consider when searching for eco-friendly faucets and showers is whether or not the manufacturing processes use renewable sources and if the manufacturer has adopted corporate sustainability initiatives. Selecting an eco-friendly product that adheres to all of the above criteria ensures that you are choosing an eco-conscious product that is mindful of the environment.

How do Moen bath and kitchen products demonstrate water efficiency?

Moen is the winner of the 2010 WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year award. WaterSense is a partnership program sponsored by the EPA that helps protect future water supply by promoting water efficiency. Moen received the award as a result of our commitment to designing and manufacturing products to help consumers save water for future generations and reduce utility costs, without sacrificing performance. Many of Moen's products carry the WaterSense label.

Moen's Dorsey™ pullout eco-friendly kitchen faucet carries a multi-function spray that offers three spray options: eco-performance aerated stream, eco-performance spray and a full flow option. The flow-optimized aerator uses up to 32% less water and its ergonomic wand has a quiet, maneuverable fibre hose for added flexibility. It is also easy to install thanks to the Hydrolock® quick connect system that allows for an audible and tactile confirmation of proper installation. The Dorsey kitchen faucet is available in Chrome and Spot Resist™ Stainless with a versatile transitional style that makes it a welcome addition to any green kitchen.

All of Moen's eco-friendly faucets are certified to meet the EPA's WaterSense criteria by featuring a flow-optimized aerator which uses up to 32% less water without sacrificing performance. Moen offers a wide selection of eco-friendly bathroom faucets to suit your style.

A multitude of eco-friendly shower options are available for your bath including rainshowers, handshowers and standard showerheads. Moen's Posi-Temp® and Moentrol® valves with composite spools, combined with Moen's eco-performance showerheads, meet the performance requirements of pressure and temperature variations when tested as low as 1.5gpm/5.7 lpm. Showers with Immersion™ Technology deliver a full-force, self-pressurized shower with a straight, steady stream that envelops the entire body, providing optimum rinsing power, increased coverage and a warmer shower.



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