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Minnesota State University at Moorhead Achieves Nearly $1 Million in Annual Energy Savings Using Dean Evans & Associates, Inc.

June 9, 2011 - DENVER, CO

Dean Evans & Associates, Inc. (, a leader in the development of sophisticated software systems, announced today that through the integration of their Event Management Systems (EMS) software, Minnesota State University at Moorhead (MSUM) has reached nearly one million dollars in annual energy savings.

The university has been using EMS software to schedule activities and events across campus; however, MSUM wanted a cross-platform software solution that would work to reduce energy use and labor expenses. In May 2010, MSUM became a beta test site for Events2HVAC™ software, created by Streamside Solutions, LLC, which works as a bridge between EMS and various HVAC and building control systems, allowing the university to better control energy use and labor expense across the campus.

"The utilization of EMS has enabled campus management to seamlessly control systems across campus from a centralized location, cutting energy use and labor expenses significantly," said Dean Evans, president of Dean Evans & Associates, Inc. "The integration of EMS with HVAC systems has been instrumental in cutting excessive energy costs for the university -- we couldn't be more pleased with the results."

By fall 2010, the university could regulate heating and cooling systems as well as door systems in every building on campus. Energy consumption was dramatically reduced by cutting airflow to rooms that were unoccupied; furthermore, the system was expanded to automatically unlock classroom doors ten minutes before each class and lock doors ten minutes after each class, lowering labor costs. Ultimately, Events2HVAC replaced the time-consuming and cumbersome processes of adjusting temperature and security manually. To date, the software has saved the university nearly one million dollars in energy costs and hundreds of hours in labor in the first year.

MSUM employee Jeff Goebel, physical plant manager at the university, was a driving force in bringing Events2HVAC to the campus and was awarded the Outstanding Service Award from the Financial Division of the Office of the Chancellor. The award recognizes leadership and team effort for excellence in financial management and facilities management.

Founded in 1986 and based in Denver, Dean Evans & Associates is a leader in the development of sophisticated software systems for a wide variety of tasks including: meeting and event scheduling, resource management, academic scheduling, shared workspace management (office "hoteling"), web calendaring and online registration and surveys. More than 4,000 organizations including many Fortune 100 companies and hundreds of other corporations, over 1,000 higher education campuses, four of the six largest U.S. banks and thousands of conference centers, religious organizations, law firms, hospitals, cultural venues and sports facilities rely on EMS software. The company's products are used in over 50 countries. Detailed information is available at

Christine Schneider
Dean Evans & Associates, Inc.


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