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Louisiana Food Company Launches Its Signature Coffee: "Voodoo Roast(TM)"; Company Expects Brand to Be a Top Seller Online:

June 9, 2011 - Baton Rouge, LA

Louisiana Food Company (OTCBB: LUSI), a purveyor of "Certified" Louisiana specialty food products, today announced the launch of its signature roast coffee, "VOODOO ROAST." Voodoo Roast marks LUSI's initial focused push into the over $18 billion annual U.S. coffee industry, and the ever-growing specialty coffee market which accounts for nearly 10% of the coffee market.

"The Voodoo Roast labeling is brilliant and, based on our experience with online sales, we fully expect that Voodoo Roast will become an extremely popular brand, especially among online shoppers," said David Loflin, LUSI's President. "Voodoo Roast is positioned as our signature roast, the coffee that we believe will put us on the coffee map quickly," Mr. Loflin continued.

Voodoo Roast offers more of an edge than LUSI's 12-Bar Dark Roast, while still delivering a smooth finish. Each of LUSI's other products carries with it a story inspired by the history and people of South Louisiana, and Voodoo Roast is no different:

"Most Sundays after mass, in the narrow, cobblestone alley behind St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter of 1835 New Orleans, a small crowd of faithful parishioners would gather, clutching their gris-gris bags and excitedly await the arrival of yet another faithful parishioner, Marie Laveau. Once present, Mam'zelle Laveau would... " - continued at

Currently, LUSI sells all of its specialty food product lines to retail grocery stores and directly to consumers through its online store --

Capturing South Louisiana

From the outset, LUSI's management has believed that the rich and diverse cultural heritage of South Louisiana would provide a natural source of inspiration for its product labels. As works of art, LUSI's product labels capture the movement and energy that is South Louisiana -- they are "eye-grabbers," and retailer and consumer response to the labels has been extremely positive.

About Louisiana Food Company

LFC is devoted to locating, developing and commercializing food-related business opportunities in the State of Louisiana. Currently, LFC has established three lines of "Certified" Louisiana specialty food products: PACKAGED DRY PRODUCTS (marketed under LFC's "Louisiana Food Company" brand name), (2) SAUCE PRODUCTS (marketed under LFC's "The Quarter's" brand name) and (3) COFFEE PRODUCTS (marketed under LFC's "Tchoupitoulas Coffee Company" brand name -- "Tchoupitoulas" is pronounced "chop-uh-too-lus"). LFC's specialty food products are sold through distributors, directly to retail grocery stores, directly to other retailers and directly to consumers through its online store:

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