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Justin Bieber Dirty Joke Book Is Mom's $1.97 Revenge


Riding on the coat tails of the Justin Bieber Christmas Album is an unwanted eBook called "The Unofficial Justin Bieber Dirty Joke Book". (ISBN 9781927124079)

When Penny Tenshery was forced by her star-struck daughter to shell out $200 to buy two (2) Justin Bieber Concert tickets, she had to find payback somehow. So, she launched "The Unofficial Justin Bieber Dirty Joke Book", which is epublished by Open Mic Press.

This $1.97 eBook pokes fun at everything Justin Bieber. From his girlfriend to his haircut, no joke is left out. The eBook is not designed to tarnish Justin Bieber's squeaky-clean teen image but rather to poke fun at it in a risque way.

"It's really for adults who are sick of hearing their prepubescent daughters play his songs or scream his name over and over again," says Penny Tenshery. What is at issue, according to Penny Tenshery, is the amount of Justin Bieber products bombarding the market that are being promoted as a "must have" for little girls.

The author does acknowledge the charitable work that Justin Bieber completes for not-for-profit organizations and commends him on being a fellow Canadian who has landed big in Hollywood. However, she drew the line when she saw "moms4Bieber" groups. "I thought they were support groups for moms, not support groups for Justin Bieber!"

The ebook is available on Apple iTunes, and, Barnes & Noble,,, and many more sites.

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