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Health & Medical Information Seekers: The Interactive Transcript Scott & White Healthcare: Summer Health Challenges

June 3, 2011 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA

Christopher Springmann credits "Eat, Pray, Love" author Elizabeth Gilbert's presentation on TED as "forever changing my value perception of an expensive by-product of our audio production process: the transcript.

"On the Path Productions LLC spends thousands of dollars per year producing verbatim transcripts of interviews, which are converted into production scripts for final editing," said Springmann, Executive Producer of Life Love & Health, a long-running series of daily and weekly national health and medical programs. "And then, what? Then they're filed, forgotten and... worthless? Enter, which popularized the interactive transcript, one that is synchronized to an audio or video, then posted online side-by-side."

Springmann, who saw this approach as an ideal way to communicate often complicated ideas to health and medical information seekers, presented the idea to On the Path Productions' client Hayes, Inc. Hayes ran with the concept to fulfill its educational and outreach for clients and consumers:

Benefits of Posting IT with Source Recording
Springmann noted that transcript tracks an audio or video stream by highlighting each word. "Cursor over a word a few sentences down and click on it," he said. "The audio will jump to that point. Want to repeat something you just heard? No problem, simply go back, click on it and there you are."

The interactive transcript (IT) solves several major problems for information seekers vs. people simply listening for entertainment. First, the IT allows typical seekers, visual learners and the hearing-impaired to read-or-scan the show in advance or in real time, easily repeat a missed or poorly understood portion, or stop-start if they're interrupted by a phone call or email.

Sharing, archiving, printing and fulfilling bloggers' content needs are all addressed by the IT. Spelling of various medical conditions and symptoms, a physician's name, title, specialty, institution and website address are all there, too.

On the Path works with Josh Miller, co-founder of 3Play Media in Boston to produce interactive transcripts and closed captioning.

Programming Note: Summer Health Challenges
Now that Memorial Day Weekend has put America in the mood for summer, Life Love & Health: Special Edition is airing two podcasts originally created for Scott & White Healthcare's Your Health Matters series, about common health issues during a season spent mostly outdoors. Springmann interviews Dr. Anna Myers, a pediatrician at Scott & White Healthcare's Waco, Texas clinic, about insect bites and sunburn. First, Myers talks about the all too frequent meetings between insects and exposed human skin, and how the consequences can range from mild irritation to a need for serious medical intervention. Then she examines the results of spending too much time in the sun, unprotected from its harmful rays. In addition to the well-known unpleasantness of sunburn, Myers discusses the dangers of premature aging and skin cancers. As a mother of two, she has firsthand experience in prevention as well as cure, and she offers a number of useful pointers on how to stay safe and comfortable outdoors.

The program includes two other guests from Scott & White Healthcare. Dr. Elmyra Encarnacion, Director of the Plummer Movement Disorders Center at Scott & White's Temple, Texas clinic, speaks about Parkinson's Disease and the Center's programs for individuals and families living with this debilitating condition. Finally, Springmann interviews Tom Cook, Manager of Volunteer Services at Scott & White's Round Rock, Texas clinic, about the issue of pediatric literacy and the Children's BookWell Program.

To hear "Living with Parkinson's, Dealing with Insect Bites & Sunburn, and Pediatric Literacy," tune into "Life Love & Health: Special Edition" at 5:00 PM EDT on June 3, 2011 at The individual segments are currently available as podcasts at

About Scott & White Healthcare
When Arthur C. Scott, M.D. and Raleigh R. White Jr., M.D. began their medical practice in Temple, Texas in 1897, they shared one fundamental conviction: medicine must serve the people. Today, Scott & White Healthcare is a fully integrated health system -- the largest multi-specialty practice in Texas and the sixth largest group practice in the nation. Scott & White employs more than 1,100 health care providers and research scientists who care for patients covering 25,000 square miles across Central Texas.

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About On the Path Productions
On the Path Productions LLC (OPP), founded by radio personality and motivational speaker Christopher Springmann, produces popular radio broadcasts including "Life Love & Health" (America's most listened-to daily 90-second health, prevention and wellness program) and "Life Love & Health: Special Edition" (a one-hour expansion of the shorter format), as well as custom podcasts and house-branded newsmagazines. Sponsored and underwritten by leading brands, trade associations, foundations and healthcare organizations, OPP's 1000+ radio shows have reached millions of consumers, opinion leaders, policy makers and healthcare influencers via CNN, Fox and ESPN, both satellite radio networks and multiple Public Radio affiliates; major retail in-store radio; airline in-flight radio; New Media distribution including and; plus the Voice of America and American Forces Network.

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