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German Residential Asset Note Distributor, P.L.C. Commences Identification of Beneficial Owners

May 6, 2011 - London

German Residential Asset Note Distributor, P.L.C. (the 'Company') announced today that is has commenced an identification of beneficial owners (the 'Identification') of the securities listed below for positions held of record on 21 April, 2011.

German Residential Asset Note Distributor PLC
Description ISIN Original Issue Amount
GRND 1 A 1.578% XS0260141584 EUR 3,445,000,000
GRND 1 B 1.688% XS0260142632 EUR 460,000,000
GRND 1 C 2.058% XS0260142988 EUR 943,000,000
GRND 1 D 2.388% XS0260143101 EUR 619,000,000
GRND 1 E 2.613% XS0260143283 EUR 133,000,000
GRND 1 F 2.838% XS0260935035 EUR 215,000,000

All information gathered will be kept confidential and such information will enable the company to initiate (an) investor call(s) and promptly disseminate information to investors as the need arises.

The Company has appointed Bondholder Communications Group ('BCG') to act as Information Agent for the Identification. All custodians and beneficial owners are being asked to identify themselves by downloading the Custodian Registration and Beneficial Owner forms (the 'Forms') from the Identification website at

The company strongly urges custodians to contact their accounts and advise them of the Identification. The deadline for the Identification is May 11, 2011 by which time all Forms must be returned to BCG whose contact information may be found on each form.

Questions about the Identification may be addressed to Bondholder Communications Group, attention Grace Reid in London at +44 (0)20 7382 4580 or in New York at +1 212 809 2663, e-mail


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