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Employers Mold New Meridian LMS to Fit Their Business Needs

December 22, 2011 - HERNDON, VA

Meridian Knowledge Solutions, LLC released a new version of its flagship learning management system, Meridian Global LMS 2011.2.2, with features that let employers mold the product to the way their training department and employees conduct business. The new features include a mobile capability that tailors the pages of the LMS for a user's smartphone browser as well as on-the-fly reporting that taps into and delivers whatever data an employer needs for analyzing learning.

"Employers who buy enterprise learning management systems very often have to reengineer their business processes to match LMS functionality," said Vinay Nilakantan, director of product development and research for Meridian. "Our philosophy at Meridian has always been to support the integrity of an organization's processes through our product suite."

New Content Access Capabilities
Meridian's new platform-agnostic mobile profile serves up e-learning, transcripts and other features of the Meridian Global LMS optimized for a smartphone. The new mobile features allow an LMS administrator to choose when to deliver content in the Meridian LMS, its mobile profile or both. The new Meridian LMS also offers an enhanced function for predicting what terms a user might want when searching for training records, courses, or transcripts.

Reporting Functions Map to a Customer's Processes
Meridian's new Ad Hoc Report Builder changes the way the training industry has had to handle reporting. Through this interface, says Nilakantan, LMS administrators no longer have to depend on the vendor to develop custom reports for their specific needs; Meridian has put that power into the hands of the administrators. For example, if an organization has matched almost all its reporting needs with existing reports but still requires some additional ones not found in the LMS, then Meridian opens up that capability through the Ad Hoc Report Builder interface.

"We tested the new reporting features, and they did let us shape the Meridian LMS to our business requirements," said Scott Keit, training systems manager for Motorola Solutions. "We were able to collect training data that we wanted to report on and generate those reports in a format of our choosing."

Title 21 CFR Part 11
Along with new mobile and reporting features, Meridian is also offering versioning of content, digital signatures, audit trails, and password configurability that comply with Title 21 CFR Part 11. This now makes the Meridian LMS an option for medical device manufacturers, drug makers, and biotech companies, among others, that require an LMS to put in place controls for the delivery, audit and verification of training.

"Meridian tends to attract educated LMS buyers who've been frustrated by having to structure their operations to conform to the workflow of a standard LMS," said Bryan Chapman, chief learning strategist for the Chapman Alliance. "Meridian is well positioned and often appears on the short list when organizations have sophisticated needs that go beyond a basic set of learning requirements."

About Meridian
Our flagship product, Meridian Global LMS, integrates learning content management, workforce analytics, knowledge management and competency modeling in one learning management system (LMS). In addition to Meridian Global LMS, we provide professional services, courseware development and hosting services. We serve approximately eight million users at more than 300 public- and private-sector employers. Our software is used by companies that range in size from 1,000,000 employees to less than 100 workers. Our clients include the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, AutoZone, Panera Bread, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy and more than 80 federal, state and local governments. We are the number one ranked learning-technology company for customer loyalty. Our award-winning software aims to deliver learning, distribute knowledge and sharpen business skills, which will make you a leader in your industry. Our Herndon, Va.-based company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Visionary Integration Professionals. Visit or follow us on Twitter

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