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DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS Magazine Celebrates With 40th Anniversary Issue

June 9, 2011 - NEW ORLEANS, LA

IMDiversity, Inc. announces the release of the spring 2011 issue of DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS Magazine.

A special commemorative issue concluding the company's 40th anniversary publishing year celebrations, it presents retrospectives of past features culled from the archives of the magazine's precursor, THE BLACK COLLEGIAN, as well as jobs and careers features.

"The Best of THE BLACK COLLEGIAN: 1970-2010" section excerpts some of the major stories shaping the magazine over four decades -- right up to the election of the first Black U.S. president.

"Straight Talk from the Top" collects frank discussions with CEOs of 21 major corporations about the vision and strategies that helped them become the national diversity leaders they are today. Conducted since the mid-Eighties, the compiled interviews excerpted here and displayed fully online show the evolving notions of workplace diversity. They illustrate employers' movement beyond regulatory compliance and narrowly defined race categories in the 1980s to the strategic integration of diversity and inclusion as a fundamental business value.

THE BLACK COLLEGIAN's rebranding and expansion into DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS this year has coincided with the announced retirement of founding publisher, Preston J. Edwards, Sr. In his Founder's Message, Edwards recalls establishing the company in 1970 "when employers were starting to create minority-recruiting programs in response to federal legislation requiring equal opportunity in employment... to connect equal opportunity employers to qualified candidates."

As incoming publisher, Preston J. Edwards, Jr., observes in his Publisher's Message, such employers have come far in diversifying their workplaces. One ascending the corporate ladder today, he writes, "will see more women, African Americans, Latinos, Asians, indigenous peoples, gays and lesbians, Muslims, people with disabilities, older workers, veterans, among others" at all levels.

"Explored in these features are questions likely to remain relevant in future editions of DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS," says editor Stewart Ikeda. "What are the hallmarks of those employers that are most proactive and successful in reaching their diversity goals, to the benefit of their organizational mission? What resistances and obstacles must be overcome? Indeed, what does 'diversity' mean today, and tomorrow -- the approaching era of the so-called 'minority-majority' America, the post-Obama America?"

Retrospective features and other articles from the spring issue also appear in extended online versions at

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