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'Blundering' referees doing most to wreck Premier League's image: David Moyes

October 15, 2011 - London

Everton manager David Moyes has said that England's blundering referees are doing the most to wreck the Premier League's image.

While the spotlight is again on players after Wayne Rooney's England ban, Moyes thinks the focus is on the wrong people.

Moyes himself was on the wrong end of a bad decision, when Martin Atkinson gave Jack Rodwell a straight red in the recent Mersey derby, a decision overturned within days.

Yet while players and managers can expect a meeting with FA chiefs the minute they step out of line, there is no comparable punishment for errant officials, The Sun reports.

"One of the things they told us was that the image of the game is vitally important to the Premier League. The conduct of the players, the conduct of the managers, they said the image had to be right. But I think, at the moment, it is close to the referees' decisions giving the league a difficult image," Moyes said.

"The Premier League has some of the best managers in the world. That is why so many want to manage here. So I think they and the players keep the image of the game up in this country. But the Premier League will have to look and see if they think that they are getting the same from the referees."

"I am not convinced the game here is being enhanced by the performances of the match officials at present. Ever since the derby, the only thing that people have talked about is the referee. I find that quite incredible. They aren't talking about Liverpool's performance or how Everton did," he added.


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