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AudienceScience(R) Holiday Shopping Report Shows Need for New Approach to Data Analysis

December 22, 2011 - NEW YORK, NY

While online retailers collect revenue from huge increases in holiday spending, digital marketing technology company AudienceScience is recommending that audience targeting strategies should adjust accordingly. The new AudienceScience report, "How Consumers Buy in the U.S.," found that holiday shopping was not dominated by low-priced products and middle-class customers as previously reported, and it recommends that retailers further analyze their customer data to keep pace with the phenomena known as event-oriented retailing, which happens throughout the year.

AudienceScience based its conclusions on independent research, sales analysis of the early weeks of the 2011 shopping season and its own database analysis. Marked by events like Small Business Saturday, Gray Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, AudienceScience's report makes the case that the compression and intensity of the holiday shopping season has created another layer of actionable information for use in audience targeting during these crucial selling times.

To keep pace with the changes in consumer holiday shopping behavior, retailers, or any marketer for that matter, must take a fresh look at the data generated by this change in order to market to their customers with greater efficacy. "You can't follow the customer," says Apple Store design guru and current JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson. "You've got to lead your customers -- anticipate their needs and meet those needs, even before they know what they want." Timely analysis of this evolving data set can help in the anticipation of these needs.

"The Thanksgiving shopping weekend was stunning in its illustration of a dramatic change in which retailers moved toward event-oriented e-commerce strategies," says Jeremy Mason, VP & GM, AudienceScience Gateway. "We took a very close look at the 2011 Holiday season to date, with the idea of making improvements for event-oriented digital marketing moving forward. The dramatic changes we saw, and the questions these changes raised, will inform new digital strategies."

The information in the new report illustrates some key points for marketers:

  • Online spending continues to increase with crucial selling seasons making significant contributions via "event-oriented" retailing efforts.
  • Consumer data shows that as a whole, "holiday shoppers" are spread out across income lines.
  • The need to create accurate audience segments through multiple points of understandings along with the ability to engage specific audiences is greater than ever.

"The rise of data management platforms means that retailers are able to define who their target audiences are with ever more efficiency and effectiveness," Mason says. "The sheer volume of these 2011 numbers demands fuller analysis and insight. The core of any successful online advertising campaign, at any given time of year and at the appropriate point in the purchase cycle, is based on the need to connect with those consumers who will be most interested and receptive to the advertiser's message."

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