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AudienceScience Announces Hottest Targeted Video Segments for Q1 2011 as 62 Percent of Advertisers Budget for Video Ads

June 8, 2011 - NEW YORK, NY

AudienceScience, a global online advertising technology company, today announced the top audience segments for online video advertising. Following up on its recent research resulting from the analysis of over 2,000 publishers and advertisers in the first quarter of 2011, along with stated demand from advertisers and agencies, AudienceScience has identified key trends in the most active segments for online video advertising.

Last month, AudienceScience released "Audience Targeting: Mapping the Future Evolution of Audience Targeting and Data Management." The study found that 62 percent of advertisers and 66 percent of agencies plan to purchase video ads this year as enhanced video targeting ROI means that more brand dollars are moving online.

With over 43 percent of the total US population viewing video ads according to comScore, AudienceScience is able to reach over 200 million unique online video viewers. In order to make that increased spend economically efficient and audience relevant, AudienceScience has identified the following key segments as the hot buttons for agencies and their clients:

  • Shoppers: Online video shopping segments include pet lovers, affluent consumers and holiday shoppers.

  • Travel: Data showed summer travelers are still in trip-planning mode, and that people are also already planning for their winter vacations, making the time right for travel marketers to engage customers with video advertisements. Casino travelers plan their vacations year round.

  • Lifestyle: The "momeconomy" rules for online video as much as with other digital marketing categories. "Proud parents," "mom and baby" and "women" dominated the lifestyle segments for online video.

  • Entertainment: Movie goers, music lovers and video gamers dominated the entertainment segment.

As recently reported by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, online video ad placements, channels or providers, are determined by audience-targeting capabilities, ROI or campaign performance, and audience reach. Among agencies, targeting was the most important factor: 88 percent rated it "very important." Results (85 percent) and reach (84 percent) were also important. Interestingly, marketers valued ROI and targeting as much as their agency counterparts, but they placed less emphasis on reach, perhaps indicating marketers tend to demand quality over quantity, while agencies expect both.

"Our audience segment data shows that it is important to take online video advertising to the next level as video audience targeting has become a key component in campaigns for marketers," says Jeff Hirsch, president of AudienceScience. "Enhanced video targeting will continue to attract more brand dollars, and it will move those brands closer to the efficiency, relevance and measurement that they are used offline and in other digital media channels."

About AudienceScience:
AudienceScience is the largest and most trusted audience aggregator in the world. As an early innovator of online advertising technology, AudienceScience continues to revolutionize the industry, enabling universal access to audiences and driving digital marketing success. The Audience Delivery System, a comprehensive global media solution, comprises the AudienceScience Gateway, the premier audience targeting and data management platform, delivering efficient and effective online advertising, and AudienceScience Connect™, the industry's first media transaction platform enabling streamlined and transparent premium media buying and selling, including state-of-the-industry Real Time Bidding support. With 300 billion data insights daily into over 386 million people worldwide, AudienceScience makes it simple to find, reach and achieve one-to-one marketing at scale. Since 2003, AudienceScience has delivered over 250,000 targeted campaigns for clients including American Airlines, Financial Times, Gannett, New York Times Digital,, T-Com, Orange, Terra, Telecom Italia and Wall Street Journal Digital. For more information, please visit and follow @AudienceScience on Twitter.


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