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Attachmate Securely Automates Complex Business Processes With Reflection for the Web 2011 R1

June 8, 2011 - SEATTLE, WA

Attachmate Corporation today announced the availability of Attachmate® Reflection® for the Web 2011 R1, a solution that helps securely connect local and remote users to legacy applications on a variety of host platforms. The latest version includes features and functionalities to maximize IT flexibility, enhance user productivity and experience while providing new support for multi-platforms and browsers, saving enterprises significant time and money integrating legacy applications into modern security infrastructures.

Reflection for the Web 2011 R1 provides developers, administrators and end-users with secure browser-based host access to a multitude of platforms including IBM, HP, Unisys, UNIX, OpenVMS, and Airline reservation systems. The solution features a new programmatic framework to simplify the automation of complex business processes, saving enterprises valuable time and opening up new integration opportunities. The flexible new scripting support enables administrators and users to record and edit automations in industry-standard JavaScript.

Additionally, server-side updates provide organizations with faster implementations, better scalability, reduced hardware cost and easier LDAP management for administrators. Reflection for the Web 2011 R1 also includes a streamlined user interface to give users a more consistent file transfer experience and faster access to commonly used functions via a customized tool bar.

Reflection for the Web 2011 R1 includes new features and functionality enabling organizations to efficiently manage host access such as:

  • Editable macro language -- New JavaScript editor is now provided for building powerful macros that automate repetitive tasks and complex business processes saving enterprises valuable time.

  • Server-side updates -- Native installer support for Windows and Linux 64-bit server platforms provides enterprises with faster implementations, better scalability and reduced hardware costs.

  • Unified transfer interface -- A unified and enhanced file transfer user interface simplifies the process of transferring files through FTP.

  • Configurable toolbar -- Provides customization capabilities to both administrators and end-users for maximum convenience and productivity.

  • LDAP access and mapping reports -- With improved access for dynamic LDAP groups, Reflection for the Web 2011 R1 also includes LDAP mapping reports to enable administrators to easily manage and access control rights to host sessions.

  • Support for multi-platforms and browsers -- Enhanced support for the latest operating system platforms (Windows, Macintosh, Linux) and browsers (Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5 and Google Chrome), as well as the latest releases of the Java platform.

"Even though many of today's organizations are better positioned to spend money on host technology, they are still being challenged with doing more with less and leveraging cost-effective solutions to provide users with secure access to critical applications," said Kris Lall, product marketing manager for Attachmate. "Reflection for the Web 2011 R1 provides our customers with a secure, centralized way to manage host access and automate complex business processes no matter what IT or security architecture is in place."

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