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December 2, 2010 - Beijing

Recently, chemical product prices have continued to increase. Nitric acid, soda, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, methanol, epoxy propane, soft foams polyether, melamine, sulfur yellow and other chemical products have all risen. believes this year's chemical product prices are driven mainly by market demand growth pull and supply reduction effect; at present, domestic chemical product prices have reached a relatively reasonable high. Recently, chemical product prices increase mainly by global economic macro variations and domestic refined oil product price hikes. is expecting that the domestic chemical product price trend will continue for a period of time, but increases will not be too large. ( pointed out that along with the gradual global economic recovery, chemical product demand has begun to warm up, while domestic chemical product production decreased, with the influence of energy conservationand emission reduction, which leads to a chemical product market supply and demand tension, so leads to chemical product price rises.

Since the second half of this year, China's provinces and cities intensify the energy conservation and emissionreduction efforts. It not only eliminates some backward production, but also limits the power and output in an effort to control the enterprise energy consumption level. But given chemical enterprises high energy-consuming situation, partial chemical enterprise production was restricted seriously, thus caused part of chemical products supply limit. also points out that crude oil prices rise continuously, pushing chemical product prices overall. In addition, the domestic refined oil price rise also increases chemical product production costs, which also to a certain extent support chemical product price rise.

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